Monday, January 10, 2005

Movie: Collateral

I'll probably make occasional movie comments here, though not with any regularity... "Collateral" is my most recent Netflix rental and I just have a brief comment on it. A hopefully very minor spoiler here (not given in full context).

This was a terrific movie and I enjoyed it immensely... great use of music in the soundtrack, great focus on the actors and the writing over just an action pic (making the action sequences that much more effective)... but one thing that should be fairly minor REALLY irritates me: why the hell does Tom Cruise take the time to cut the power and phones in the building when it had been fairly clearly established he wasn't overly worried about anything except getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible? A plot contrivance to give Jamie Foxx some time to play his part... but out of the character Cruise had put together up to that point.

Otherwise though, a great, smart thriller! Take out that one annoyance and probably a 5 out of 5; as it is I gave it a 4 for my Netflix rating.

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LA Filmcutter said...

Yes I agree. Great film, but there was a certain "Hollywood ending" about allowing Foxx the time to save the girl by Cruise shutting down the lights. Some of the best moments (like in "Kill Bill, Vol. 2")are just listening to two people having a conversation.