Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Blue Jays to [...] rename SkyDome

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Blue Jays to increase payroll, rename SkyDome and buy new turf: "The Toronto Blue Jays will have a higher payroll, a new ballpark name and a new artificial playing surface that's more like grass.
Team owner Rogers Communications renamed SkyDome the Rogers Centre on Wednesday, two days after the company completed the acquisition of the ballpark. "

The "Rogers Center"? I've been to SkyDome a couple of times and found it one of the most detached, impersonal baseball experiences ever with its domed roof and fake turf. But "Rogers Center"? Now it REALLY seems more like just an office building where they happen to play indoor baseball!!

Having said that, if they get more money for payroll theoretically it IS a good thing for that team over the long run. I don't disagree with selling naming rights on stadiums and ballparks... I just don't necessarily LIKE it!

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Capn Ho said...

I heard about that last night, too, and I agree with your point. "Rogers Center" is about the most boring, generic name they could have picked. I know it's named after Rogers Communications, which owns the team and the stadium, but even "RogersDome" or "Rogers Stadium" would have let you know that this is something other than an office park in the suburbs.