Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Vacation After a Busy Month

Yup, it's been a while, and quite a month at that. We've had a lot going on involving health and school issues, but all is moving along well enough at this juncture. For the moment our focus is on... VACATION!!! Next week we're leaving on a (close to) two-week trip to Disney World, probably our favorite destination. Though I was able to make a trip down there with my sister last fall (made memorable by Hurricane Jeanne), C & The Momma haven't been there in two and a half years (since C was still in kindergarten). Now that we're homeschooling C we're able to make a trip down without having to worry about the crowds of school vacation or the heat of the summer.

C is really looking forward to this trip. Though he's been to WDW many times before, as we own a timeshare nearby for a week each September, it's been so long that he doesn't remember a lot of it that clearly any more. And of course he's seven now (and in fact we'll be celebrating his eighth birthday while we're down there next month!), and a much more, uh, sophisticated kid than the five-year-old that he was last time he visited. He made himself a countdown calendar at home several weeks ago, a poster board covered with numbered Post-It notes, and he loves removing a number each day as we get closer to our trip. (The number now: 8!)

Also over the past month we've seen the Red Sox get off to a very inconsistent start, and the news today has Curt Schilling joining starters David Wells and Wade Miller on the disabled list... not good news. Nonetheless, Curt put it all on the line last fall to win the championship, and we can be patient with him this spring. After all, the Red Sox won the world series!!! Hopefully they'll be back to the post-season dance this fall, but at this early point in the season I'm not too worried about it yet.

Speaking of the World Series champions, The Trophy visited our home town earlier this month. I'll try and get a picture or two posted here later this week... seeing it in person was indeed a wonderful experience for the soul!

I've been to a couple of games already at Pawtucket's McCoy Stadium, once for their opening night with The Hey and Cap'n Ho, the other time with C when they were displaying The Trophy there. Both games great fun! Opening night got cold by the end, but the Sunday afternoon game C & I went to was in the mid-70's and couldn't have been a more pleasant day. (Helped by our seats, second row behind home plate... have to put a picture up from that too!)

I can't promise another update before our trip, but hey, it may happen. At the least though I'll try and get a photo or two posted this week.

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