Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bluesmobile, Phase III

Things have calmed down to some extent at work, and should continue to get better over the summer. Maybe I'll actually start updating this thing more often again! (But no promises....)

Work on the new Bluesmobile has been going well, and you can see the latest "in progress" photos here.

Most of the big work is done, excepting some large graphics on the roof, but there's a couple of days' worth of detail work still to complete, and I want to try to get more severe "weathering" done as well. Now if only I'd get some warm, dry weather again! It looks like Memorial Day weekend may be nice (though still over a week away so no placing bets), hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done then. My ultimate deadline remains my trip to the SHORE LEAVE convention in early July... only about 6 weekends away now, 5 considering this coming weekend will be a bust.. That seems like it won't be a problem but the bad weather has certainly pushed me closer to the deadline than I'd like... and I really want her done sooner so that I have time to get her nice and dirty!

Also of interest, a couple of weeks ago The Hey's wife said she saw a Bluesmobile clone driving around in Rhode Island. The license plate? "BLUES2", same as my MA plate! Quite the coincidence! Then just last week Towaway found an article in a RI newspaper about that same car, which led me to their web site. The story of their "Blues Mobile", and a link to several pages of photos, is here. I'll have to take a drive down there sometime once I get mine all finished, always fun to meet kindred spirits!

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