Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Public Unveiling...

Quick update - The Bluesmobile will get her public "coming out" parties this month. This weekend, on Sunday 6/11, The Hey (a.k.a. Mighty Mack) & I will be bringing the car to the Xtreme Street car show in Raynham, MA. This will be our first time "dressing" for the part since I painted the car... I'll take pictures I'm sure.

Then the following weekend, we'll be in Westfield, MA driving in the "Westfield in Motion" parade, at 4pm on Sat.6/17. It starts just south of the Westfield Green from the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church (16 Court Street), runs down Broad Street and ends up at the Middle School where a vintage (1880's rules) base ball game will be played. (I may be more excited about the base ball game than the parade!) The Hey, "C" (a.k.a. Buster), & I (Elwood) will be there and fully dressed for the parade.

All in prep for her real "christening", the ride to Maryland next month for SHORE LEAVE!

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