Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Is In The Air

Interesting weekend... thanks to The Hey, it looks like I'll be able to go to Opening Day at Fenway next month for the first time in three years! Yay!!! I'm doing something I tend to avoid doing, paying above face value, but it's been a long time and I couldn't resist. My thanks to The Hey for the opportunity and for doing the legwork. Should be a very fun season this year the way the Sox, Yanks and Blue Jays are all constituted. I've got tickets to another game just a few days later, the first weekend of the season, after that though not sure if I'll get to more yet.

The Bluesmobile's still running great but I am losing coolant on her, similar to last year (but no where near as bad) when the heater core failed on me. Hopefully this won't turn out to be more than a bad coupling somewhere... no leaks when she's parked, just blowing it out under pressure it seems. Gonna bring her in in a couple of weeks to get the snow tires pulled off anyway so I'll get her checked then.

I've also been talking with a guy in Florida who recently bought one of the original filming cars from "Blues Brothers 2000", it's been fun chatting with him and comparing notes. He was from MA originally, so hopefully we'll be able to hook up some time either when he's up here or I'm down there.

We're likely not going to Florida this year as we plan to visit The Momma's brother and sister-in-law (and brand-spanking new nephew) in California this spring/summer instead. Though I hear there's now a possibility that they may be moving over the summer, ironically enough to Florida, so we'll see what happens!

Oh, and stay tuned, there may be more big Bluesmobile news on the near horizon, depending on how a couple of things pan out over the next two weeks or so...!

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