Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Update

Obviously I haven't been blogging much in recent months. Last year was a busy one with the resurrection of the Bluesmobile (Mark II) and the reunion of the Blues Brothers (with my brother out in the midwest). This year's been more peaceful, but it's been good so far.

I'd mentioned some potential big Bluesmobile news in my last post...

...Never mind. We had a line on a former House of Blues Monaco but it didn't pan out, the owner was waffling on if he was really going to sell (and if he did he was probably going to jack the price up over what we were originally told), and the car had some pretty severe rust issues that would have required considerable further money to fix up (if it could be completely restored at all). But I had fun driving it around for an afternoon at least!

In the meantime, my own Bluesmobile is running great, though I just dropped some bucks into her to replace the radiatior and the intake manifold gaskets. I'd been hoping to upgrade the stereo system this year, not sure if that'll happen now. (By which I mean, the money really isn't there for it to happen now but that don't mean it won't!)

We had a very fun Mother's Day weekend, as The Momma ended up not working. As a present she decided she wanted her own Nintendo DS, so she and Buster can play head-to-head and she can play some games herself in waiting rooms, etc... neat idea for a mom, so we got that for her Saturday evening.

We did dinner out both Saturday and Sunday, very fun, and Sunday afternoon we dug out the GPS receiver and went geocaching in a couple of beautiful wooded areas. We started doing this back in January (when it was warm!), and now that warm spring weather is here for good we'll hopefully be doing a lot of this over the summer. It's a lot of fun, and gives us an excuse to explore new trails and parks. Only bummer is because of our schedules, it'll be fairly rare for all three of us to get out on the trails together. Usually it'll be The Momma and Buster if it's during the week, and I'll go out with him if it's on a weekend.

Coming up this week Buster turns ten.... Oh my. We'll have a fun family day during the week on his actual birthday, then a small party with a few friends and relatives over the weekend.

Well, at least he's now officially going to be the same age as "Buster" in "Blues Brothers 2000"! Gotta get him a new suit though, he's outgrown his from last year.

We're also busily planning this year's vacation trip, no Disney this year (darnit!) but we've got a pretty ambitious trip out to Arizona (via a few days in Las Vegas) planned for the fall that we're very excited about. Also still chatting with my brother Jake about a hoped-for blues get-away towards the end of the summer, most likely to Memphis. Here's hoping!

Yay, vacations...!

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