Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WDW - Tuesday 5/17

Tuesday was the Big Day - C's 8th birthday!! This was to be a Magic Kingdom day, which thus far we'd only spent a couple of hours in on the night we arrived. We got there fairly early by our standards - around 12:30pm - and went straight to "Town Hall" to get C his large white "TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY" pin. All day Disney cast members would shout out "Happy Birthdays" to him, even from some distance away, when they saw it! He also got a nice free desert at the lunch counter, which I ended up eating; it was yummy! But he thought it was great.

The best birthday moment was while we were buying some batteries (for The Momma's electric fan/water bottle thingy), the cashier saw C's pin and asked if he'd had his birthday call from Goofy yet. Saying no he called C over and told him Goofy had been trying to reach him. He handed C a phone from the desk and dialed a number, and C's face lit up as he (reportedly) heard Goofy singing a very silly birthday song to him!

This moment was made even better as we left the shop (in MK's Town Square). Just as we came out the front door, a side door opened and out came Goofy himself, on his way to a character greet! Pure coincidence? C yelled Hello at him and thanked him for singing him his birthday song, and the Goof gave him a quick high-five!

Soon we were on our way to the day's "main event", dinner at Chef Mickey's (a character-filled buffet restaurant in the Contemporary Hotel). This place is great for seeing the "classic" Disney characters (Mickey and his immediate friends), without having to deal with lines or heat as they come to you, visiting from table to table. C had a special peanut butter sandwich they made for him using this really - interesting! - rainbow-colored bread, and he couldn't have been happier. We had a grand time here, and C was recognized (along with a few other kids) for his special day. Mickey came over to the table and helped C blow out the candle on his birthday cupcake... great fun, and many smiles for everyone!

After dinner we went back to the Magic Kingdom, and our now 8-year-old son announced he was ready to try Splash Mountain, one of the bigger rides there! Once again he had mixed reviews... it's a very tall water flume ride, and though he said he didn't like the drop down the flume, he liked the rest of the ride and was glad he'd ridden it. Still, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean and Small World remained his favorites at the MK. The whole day was great and a birthday I hope he'll long remember.

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