Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Response from Disney

I know I need to get some vacation stories and photos up here, they're coming I promise! Been a very busy week since we got home and we haven't even looked at the photos ourselves yet, though we have at least got them downloaded from the cameras. Hopefully this weekend I'll make a start on them and get some posted by the beginning of next week.

To follow up on my letter to WDW below, I did get a response already... Tuesday morning I got a lengthy phone message on my answering machine from a representative in the "executive offices" of WDW. Though the gist of it was, "It's a Done Deal, sorry", it was at least a fairly personal message and clearly I was heard... that of course makes me feel a bit better about things, even if still mourning the Adventurer Club's imminent passing. (If I can find a place to post an audio file of the message I'll link to it from here later.)

I can only hope that if enough people speak up, maybe they'll re-open it in a new location somewhere in the future... there's precedent, as they did that with Chef Mickey's restaurant after it closed in the Village in '95.

And on the Plus side, it does now look like Jake & I will in fact be in the Club on its last night of existence (and hopefully the night before as well), to close out the place! If the crowds aren't so bad we get shut out, that is... we'll worry about that in a few months.


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