Monday, July 14, 2008

Visiting the ORIGINAL House Of Blues

Okay, so I still haven't gone through the pictures from the Bermuda trip! Soon, soon... I'll get to it!!

In the meantime though, yesterday we took a ride into Harvard Square to hang out for a bit, so of course I stopped by the former Harvard Square HoB. Last I'd heard it was a BBQ joint, now though I found it to be a serviceable Irish pub, Tommy Doyle's. Here's some pictures, and a few more can be found on my Flickr site.

The still-familiar (if you've seen the original) facade, now painted green instead of blue:

The downstairs restaurant area:

The once-great music hall upstairs:

Saddest to me was seeing the old hand/feet impressions in the cement of the adjoining driveway, several more of these at the Flickr site but here's The Colonel's:

So there's an overview, not quite the same! And for those who haven't seen the original Cambridge House, obviously quite different as well from the much larger venues that it spawned. It was so intimate, a fantastic club... but of course only a few hundred people to a show.

Sometime in the next month or two I'm planning another drive-by of the Lansdowne Street site where they're building the new Boston House of Blues, scheduled to open this winter, to get some updated pictures. It'll have to be on a non-game day (Rde Sox), though!

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Capn Ho said...

I see the site of the new HoB every morning from the train (from the back). It's pretty much still just a hole in the ground. I'd wait a few weeks before going to check it out.