Thursday, October 11, 2007

Slipping and Sliding on Red Rocks

Back in Sedona on Wednesday, we went to a place just north of town called Slide Rock State Park. A small rocky area of Oak Creek that runs through many smooth and slippery rocks, creating absolutely beautiful landscapes with many different colors... oh, and the rocks make for small rapids that act as natural water slides! If you can stand the chill, hop in and slide on down... Buster and The Momma did! (I had the camera to think about, of course.. yeah, that's the ticket, that's why I didn't go in!) Momma even got in a bit of cliff-diving at one point. The place was great, and one of the (if not the) best days of the vacation!

Thursday we hit a better-known spot, Cathedral Rock, supposedly one of the most photographed landscape spots in America. And yup... beautiful. Go figure! We hiked most of the way up to the rock base, though Buster tired out before we got all the way up. Still, beautiful trails through a forest and along a creek, then up the mountain towards the rock base. We also successfully located a geocache in the area and exchanged items there.

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