Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Won't Miss This Summer

It's been a tough summer and that's a big reason why I haven't been blogging much. The Momma's had some health concerns, that has also led to some fiscal issues as she missed a lot of shifts and she works per diem. And the money was tight after the Great June Car Saga.

Oh, and guess what? My car is back in the shop again! Wouldn't start when The Momma left to go to work this weekend. So she drove the 14mpg full-size van instead for her 90-minute communte.

Seems likely the car problem this time may be the fuel pump, as it cranks fine but doesn't catch and I ain't smellin' no gas. There's a few other possibilities to of course but that's what I'm guessing, I should no by Thursday night.

In the meantime the above-referenced van is also on its way out, structurally. No complaints, it's ten years old (we've had it for over seven), and has over 155,000 miles, but we're definitely looking at one vehicle due for retierment and another going through its 100,000-mile midlide "replace everything" period... with veryhigh repair costs. Somehow we'll need to come up with some serious car changes in the immediate future... sigh!