Thursday, August 31, 2006

YouTube Test

I don't expect to be doing much video uploading, but I want to make sure I can... here's two videos from our Disney vacation last year (May '05) just to test the concept.

First, The Momma's favorite performers from Epcot, Japan's Matsuriza drummers:

Next, my faves, the Voices of Liberty from Epcot's American Adventure pavilion:

This has been a test.... stay tuned for future posts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Catching Up....

I can't help but notice that I'm still getting 100 hits or so each month, so I suppose I ought to try and get back in the swing of posting more often. That probably won't really happen until later this fall (after we're recovered from our next Disney trip in October), but hey, I owe ya something!

It's been a busy summer, mostly nicely busy apart from another major car repair to the Saab (transmission-related this time), some substantial and expensive dental work, and The Momma being put on-call at her job more often than our budget can comfortably handle.

But there's been lots of fun too. C and I have gone to quite a few great town events, most notably the town's summer "Concerts on the Common" series where they have a free concert every Sunday night. (The last one of the season was rained out this past weekend, bummer!) It's a different music style every week so it's been a fun way to expose C to the different styles and just get out and be part of the town. We usually bring lawn chairs and a ball or Frisbee to pass the time. The music's sometimes good, sometimes so-so; occasionally great but never horrible. And as the Common is walking distance it's very convenient.

We've also gone to a few wildlife presentations at our town's state park, one on turtles, one on raptors (birds of prey), and one on snakes (The Momma took C to the latter as it was on a workday for me). All quite fun, with live animals to see.

Also earlier this month was my company's summer picnic, a very large affair that C & I attended. There were quite a few highlights, the best probably being C's chance to ride a camel... which he did four times! He also enjoyed the carnival rides and - of course - the video game arcade. I've got some photos of him on the camel that I'll post once I finally get around to downloading the camera.

This past weekend C & I spent Saturday at Fenway Park. While the Red Sox were on a west cast road trip they had a minor league double-header at the Fens, at minor league(-ish) prices. The (Single A league) Lowell Spinners played a game, followed an hour later by a PawSox game. Our seats were terrific, 6 rows behind the home team dugout... never something we could get at an MLB game! C lasted through the entire first game and (despite the one-hour wait between games) through the third inning of the second game... all in all we were there for about 6 hours. Yay!

Our next big gig is next week, on Labor Day, when C & I will be suiting up and taking the Bluesmobile to a charity car show for kids in North Attleboro, MA. Called "Touch a Truck Day", it's an opportunity for families to come and let their kids explore (hands-on) police cars, fire trucks, construction equipment, ambulances - and a Bluesmobile - with the proceeds going to charity. It should be a fun afternoon, if the local police parked next to me don't take exception to our car of course!