Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Trip Photos Posted

Okay, so I lost my muse... what can I say?  Anyway, in the meantime please do follow my Twitter posts (which can be accessed through the link to the right on this page), and of course my Flickr pages via the PHOTOS link!  I've posted a bunch of pictures from our recent Disney trip... an okay trip but it was for the most part very cold (yes, even by New England standards!) while we were there, and I somehow screwed up my knee while there so spent much of the time limping around World Showcase.  (The knee STILL hurts, suspect I'll be needing to see a doc about that soon.)

We also just got back from a weekend in St. Louis that was surprisingly fun, photos from that trip on the Flickr page as well.  The highlight: the City Museum there, a huge playground that really can't be described!