Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Watch Out!

Oy - For the next few months (as many as four) I'll be doing much of the work of three supervisors at my office, as we look to replace a weekend supervisor and as our day shift supervisor is on maternity leave. This is keeping me mighty mighty busy and this week has been particularly tough! So forgive me if my blogging drops off again... not that I've been particularly reliable the past couple of months anyway.

But two things I'll mention tonight - first, C made me promise to write about last Monday on my blog. Last summer C started taking tae kwon do lessons, but they never really grabbed him and after his first 10-week trial he asked if he had to keep them up. We had no problem with giving it up so long as he agreed to find another activity, and that eventually led us to swimming lessons at the Y. This has been a big success... he loves swimming and is taking to it greatly. He has a lesson every Monday, late afternoon, which is followed by an open swim time when The Momma joins him in the pool. He's been after me to join them since he started in the fall.

I always work Monday evenings and it's one of the tougher days for me to take off, but last week I had Monday off as it was our company's New Year's holiday so I was able to go swimming with them at last. We had a great time, followed by a nice dinner at Pizzeria Uno's. Next week I also expect to get Martin Luther King Day off so if he has class that day I'll be able to go again; we'll also look to find some weekend open swims he and I can go to occasionally.

The other interesting topic I wanted to mention is the "Watch Out!" movie.

C watched part of "The Island" with me a couple of weeks ago, which it likely doesn't spoil much to say involves the ethical concerns of cloning. C kept asking me if this was a "Watch out!" movie... I kept saying I wasn't sure what he meant, but he finally was able to explain it to me.

"You know how some movies are telling us to watch out what we do in the future?"

Ahhh, Bach!! I love it, I think this is a great name for this type of movie... the cautionary tale, such as it is. So on the one hand we have the classic "What if?" science fiction movie, like "War of the Worlds", "The Abyss", or "Logan's Run"... on the other we have the "Watch out!" science fiction movies like "War Games", "Blade Runner" and "The Island". Of course, many movies will fit both categories!

Way to go, kid, I love it!