Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Note About Johnny

I've never regularly watched "The Tonight Show". I've worked 3rd or 2nd Shift pretty much my entire post-high school life so late night TV has always been catch-as-catch-can. (Until "The Daily Show", that is, which I TiVo and watch every night!)

Nonetheless, I'm definitely saddened by the passing of Johnny Carson today. Carson certainly created the template for late-night TV in the modern era. Also, I have tremendous respect for how he's lived his life since his retirement in the early 90's. In other words, the fact that we have very little idea of how he spent those years. It was his life, and kudos for him taking it and leaving us out.

Most of all, I admired his taste in cars! As a fellow [former] Delorean owner, Johnny, I wish you well and drink the last toast left in this bottle of Highland Park scotch to you!

Me & My Delorean

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