Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bluesmobile Scare... But No Worries

Winter finally caught up with the Bluesmobile Thursday night... after 4-5 days of high temps in the 20's, and lows in the low single digits with heavy wind chill factors, she wouldn't start for me when I went to leave work Thursday night (actually about 1am Friday morning). Cranked like a champ, but no fuel. Hoping it was a frozen fuel line (I'd filled the tank on the way in that afternoon) I left her be, got a ride home from a co-worker (thanks again, Bek!)... and let her sit there through the last sub-freezing day yesterday.

Today we hit 50 degrees, so I asked a friend at work go try turning her over and she started on the first try. Yay, Spring(ish)!

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