Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a nice weekend, Buster & I hit the drive-in last Friday night (always fun going to the drive-in in the Bluesmobile!). Saw Indy and Iron Man, both of which I'd seen but Buster had some interest and even though my feelings for Indy have been documented, there was enough fun in it that I didn't mind seeing it again and it was more about going to the drive-in anyway! And Iron Man is great, I'd really wanted to see that one again.

Buster originally didn't have much interest in Iron Man, though I'd told him he'd probably like it a lot... and he did, he agreed it was much more fun than Indy.

The Bluesmobile had been out of service last week with a bad voltage regulator, got that fixed and had no problems with her at the drive-in, a pretty good battery "torture test" since we're using the car stereo for the double-feature. (I fired her up for a few minutes in between movies.)

Now we're getting into vacation season again, finally! Family vacation's not too far off, when we'll be going on a cruise to Bermuda to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary this summer. Should be a great trip, with the whole extended family going. Buster and The Momma have never cruised, and are waiting to see how they like it; I've only done it once (way back in 1989) but it was one of my favorite vacations so I'm looking forward to it.

Further out, Jake & I are in discussions for our annual blues get-away, looks like early in the fall this year... As always when we hit the road (or the skies) together, be afraid, very afraid!

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