Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bismo Jams

Yup, been another long, dry spell... and only a quick fly-by post here! But for those that missed it, and before I lose track of them myself, I wanted to link in a set of videos.

A couple of weeks ago I finally did something I'd been saying I should do for many months... packed up the harps and hit my local blues jam, a few miles down the road at Stone's Public House. I'd always been a bit hesitant since I've never really played with a live band before... except for our old Blues Brothers performances (where I could basically mimic some of Dan Aykroyd's solos) I've really just been a ling room player. But with some gentle pushing from both Buster and my brother in the blues, Jake, I finally gave it a go, and was aclled up to join a group of players (didn't - and don't - know any of them!) for a 4-song set.

Here they be. (I have one full solo in each song.)

Run Run Rudolph:



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