Saturday, December 11, 2004

Another Boomer?


David Wells... now that's not a name I expected to find on a Red Sox roster at this point! And yet, I do kinda like the idea. Boomer (not to be confused with The Boomer, George Scott, of course!) certainly fits into the band of misfits and idiots mentality adopted by the 2004 Sox clubhouse. He's known as a heavy drinker, a party animal, and not big on rules... but oh yeah, he's been a pretty darned good pitcher for much of his career, even if there are quite a few question marks at this stage about his durability and, well, his coordination as he seems prone to fall off his barstools!

Still, the price is right, and this is a guy who could potentially have two good seasons left in him. I find it hard to picture him on the same bench as Pedro, or even Curt Shilling, but he'll sure have a good time with Kevin Millar (if by some chance Millar is still on this team in '05 of course).

And he'll take some of the media attention away from "Manny being Manny", as Boomer will doubtless be busy being Boomer! Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride... but it could be fun!

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