Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Recreational Musings

Yup, I'm still here! It's been a busy couple of weeks and when I've relaxed I just haven't, uh, felt my muse to post. But all's well... went to my favorite blues jam last night in Ashland at Stone's Public House, this absolutely awesome 160-year-old pub. I had an epiphany there, I usually go with my friend Bon-Bon but I've been wanting to bring The Momma there sometime too. I've also been wanting to bring C to a live blues show sometime, presumably a family-friendly summer blues festival.

But last night a mother had her two young kids with her, wearing hearing protectors... I checked with the waitress before leaving, "That's okay here?" Some bars may permit this, others frown on it; the place is also a restaurant so it's okay with them, and hearing protectors we have! So we're already thinking next Sunday night, being the beginning of school vacation week, may be an opportunity for a family blues outing... here's hoping!

We're also planning an overnight in Boston next Monday night, a mini-vacation to check out the Science Museum and perhaps the Aquarium. If I can manage it I'll make a push for taking a Fenway tour also, of course...!

(I hate Internet Explorer. Just lost four paragraphs because of its feeble attempts to handle pop-ups when I started the spell-checker. It thinks it's trying to help! But Firefox doesn't work properly with some of the intricacies of our company intranet so I can only use that at home so far. So to retype maybe some of it.... grrrrrrrr!)

Anyway, we'd originally thought we'd go to Florida during vacation week, as C hasn't been to Disney World in a couple of years now. (I was fortunate enough to get there myself at least last fall, along with my sister, and our friend Jeanne - Hurricane Jeanne, that is!)

But ultimately the timing didn't seem like it was going to work well this month. So we're now thinking we'll try a Florida trip at the beginning of summer, hopefully right after school gets out in late June. Add to that our planned trip to the SHORE LEAVE Star Trek convention in early July, which we're planning to bring C to with us for the first time, and it could be quite the busy summer vacation!

I'm working overnight shifts at the office this week... sigh. Did that for 15 years and enjoyed it, but I don't tolerate it as well these days as when I was a younger blues lad! Still, half of my staff works this shift so every now and then it's good to have the boss (ha! ha-haa!!) hang out and scope the sitch, so this week will give me that opportunity. I'll be tired, but hey, it'll be like old times!

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Anonymous said...

Well Bis,

Shore Leave will be ready but once again there's no Mojo. We do have Lee Stringer in his place. But I fear Lee may not be putting on a Rave. Some sad news the 5 year tradition of checking of the Rave Sticks has ended. Some unscrupulous person(s) have removed them from their natural resting place behind the couch. The Rave Sticks are gone but not Forgotten...