Tuesday, February 15, 2005

War of the Worlds

I've been very ambiguous about Steve Spielberg's upcoming remake of "War of the Worlds", but I'm very encouraged by this report - maybe the film will have some unique, worthwhile identity. Other details mentioned in the linked articles also sound fun!

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel: "Speaking to reporters during a break in filming, Spielberg said that the movie holds special resonance in these unsettled times. 'I gave the benevolent aliens a couple of shots [in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.],' Spielberg said. 'And now I'm going to try my hand at the worst kind [laughs]: ... the kind that's just bent on ending civilization as we know it and beginning their own. If you read the original book, you know they terraform the planet. They reap and sow. ... And I think in the shadow of 9/11, there is a little relevance with how we are all so unsettled in our feelings about ... our collective futures. And that's why I think, when I reconsidered War of the Worlds, post-9/11, it began to make more sense to me, that it could be ... a tremendous emotional story, as well as a very entertaining one, and have some kind of current relevance.' "


Anonymous said...

Just saw the flick. 1st hour effects were awesome! Ending sux! Wrapping up with a Morgan Freemon narrations, boring!

Additional complaints

1. I already saw Tim Robbins digging his way out of a movie, Sawshank redemp!

2. Two most annoying kids! Loved it when Robbie finally died.

3. Worst ending, everyone lives including X-Inlaws and Robbie!

4. Only Cruise, Robbins and a yuppie car jacker had guns? In America?

5. What the hell were the Aliens thinking, spraying blood and guts all over never realizing they would get infected. Those blood sucking vampire aliens should have gotten AIDS and died! At least that would have been believable.

Wow, can’t believe Spielberg put this crap out! Big disappointment, should have saved my money for Fantastic 4.

Anonymous said...

You used the word "ambiguous" to describe your feelings. I think you meant "ambivalent."

Anonymous said...

It's a big no! no! movie,has very simple story!!!

Anonymous said...

The movie is terrible. Corny, stupid, bad script, bad directing (really!), annoying bratty kids (the girl can scream but you want to smack her after a while), Cruise is totally unbelievable. Can anyone believe Robbie walks into the "war" and then meets up with Cruise at the end in Boston? My husband & I and most of the audience ended up laughing. SAVE YOUR MONEY!