Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Last, Long Drive.....

Sunday it was, sadly, time to head back to Vegas in prep for our Monday evening flight home. But we managed one more side trip on the way... we hadn't been able to visit two other beautiful national parks out that way, Bryce Canyon and Zion, both in Utah. But we did find that it wasn't too far out of the way to at least drive through part of Zion on the way back, so that we did!

It was beautiful.

We didn't get a chance to really explore it but the drive through the main road (cutting through the south end of the park) was fantastic, and we stopped at a few spots for photos and a better look-see. Also hit their visitor center for a bit.

Got back to Vegas around 4pm, and spent that night in the Monte Carlo... it was okay, but only just okay, especially when compared to Mandalay Bay the week before. And naturally after all the nature we'd seen it was almost wrong to now be back in that bright lights/big city environment now!

Incidentally, I titled my lead post on this trip "Unlimited mileage"... I imagine the reason is obvious by now! That quickly became our catch-phrase for this entire vacation as we drove from one incredible place to another, with the drive itself being nothing short of spectacular. (Well, okay, Buster got a bit bored with all the car time.) By the time we returned our Charger in Vegas, we'd logged over 1500 miles on it! But no problem of course... Unlimited mileage, baby!! I'd have to say that the driving itself probably left the biggest impression on me from this vacation. I've always loved driving, and going from one type of climate to the next so frequently was just fascinating and beautiful.

One more post to go....

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