Monday, November 19, 2007

Sox Win!

And lastly in this series of catch-up posts.... RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!

It sure was different this time than that amazing sensation in 2004 when we broke The Curse. Not only was the 86 years of pent-up frustration (okay, for me personally maybe only 20 years at the time!), but I wasn't actually able to see a lot of the Series this year since it coincided with my trip to Missouri. I saw all of the first game but only pieces of the others, and indeed the clinching Game 4 was played largely while I was in the air on my way home that Sunday night. I did walk in my front door in time though, around the middle of the 8th inning, to see the end and the celebrations. Wow!! And with so many of our key players returning next year (word just came out this afternoon that Mike Lowell has also now agreed to a new deal with the Sox), and some amazing young players coming into their own (see Misters Pedroia, Ellsbury and Youkilis, along with Papelbon, Lester and Buccholz, not necessarily in that order), it should be fun to be a Red Sox fan for many years to come!

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