Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TiVo, Adieu....

Just made a very tough phone call, when I called to cancel my TiVo service. I've been a loyal TiVo-ist for about 6 years now, but today we made the move from Comcast cable to Verizon FiOS (following in the footsteps of my friend Dog Rat!). The switch was fairly painless (despite a one-day delay in the scheduled installation), and as there have been a lot of reported problems with TiVo users hooked up to FiOS so, since my TiVo box was very old anyway, I decided to just cut the cord and go with Verizon's own DVR instead. We'll see how that goes... my very, very early impressions are that the DVR will certainly be "good enough", though I've already found it more clunky than TiVo. And one of my most-used TiVo features was the ability to view photos and listen to music from my PC. Verizon has this but it looks vastly inferior... sigh! But we'll see as I get more used to it.

At first glance picture quality does look much much better, though I haven't spent any real time with it yet... ask me again after the weekend!

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DOuG pRATt said...

As I've commented myself online, the FiOS 2 software is horrible, even compared to the original version, let along TiVO! All we can do is hope Verizon improves it or gives it up and licenses TiVO, as Comcast is supposedly doing or is going to do. For myself, the picture quality is the #1 concern, and in that regard FiOS has the competition beat.