Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back Home at Last!

We're home! We returned Sunday evening after leaving Orlando Friday early afternoon. On the way down we drove basically straight through, in about 22 hours. Coming home we kept a more leisurely pace, no need to get all knotted up after our vacation! So we made overnight stops in South Carolina and in Maryland (at the Delaware border) on the way home.

After arriving home around 6:30pm Sunday, and taking a bit of time to settle in, I went back out myself to catch the 9:45pm showing of "Revenge of the Sith"... I knew I wouldn't be able to read my email or show up at work the next day unless I'd seen it first! I very much liked it, though I still was skeptical during much of the first half. But it finally found some passion and an emotional core during the second half. More on this in later posts most likely! (I still haven't seen the last few episodes of "Enterprise"... I'll catch up on that next weekend!)

I wasn't able to do any further blogging while we were still at Disney after we checked out of the La Quinta Inn. Our great, $29/night hotel offered free internet access; our very nice, but $99/night Disney hotel did not of course! Just as well, as we stayed pretty busy that second week down there.

I'm writing up some more entries to cover the rest of our stay, with more photos to be posted. So stay tuned (if you care, that is)!

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