Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WDW - Sunday 5/15

Sunday then we packed up from the wonderful La Quinta Inn, and as we were up "early" anyway (checking out at 11am) we used that day to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom, which doesn't stay open late. We really like this park, though I know it's not a favorite of a lot of people. It was one of our few tougher days though, with The Momma not feeling that well and it was one of the few days that was hot and humid. (We had great weather on this trip, with other hot days, but most days humidity wasn't a big problem.) So we didn't really last too long there but we enjoyed most of our visit.

We had a nice Disney Moment during lunch though. We weren't able to find anything there that C would eat, so we had a Pediasure for him to drink. (A nutritional supplement that he uses to boost his caloric and nutritional intake.) But in our haste of packing up that morning we had forgotten to pack straws in our backpack, and the AK is the one park where they don't stock straws (for animal safety concerns)... we were aware of that but simply forgot to pack appropriately! And C has issues drinking Pediasure without a straw, although he was doing his best (though only with some severe prodding).

Still, being Disney, I asked a passing cast member, busily cleaning the restaurant, if anything could be done. He returned a few minutes later with a large plastic straw from some souvenir drink cup that was available... C could not have been happier and we were very appreciative!

Michael saved the day by finding a simple straw!

After leaving the AK we moved on-property to Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. It's Disney's version of an Econolodge (or a La Quinta Inn, I guess!), and it's a very nice, clean property with some fun amenities but more limited than the more upscale resorts. The rooms were also notably smaller than the La Quinta... also, the La Quinta had offered free broadband internet and had a decent-sized fridge in the room, and a coffee maker, none of which the All-Stars offered. (Though small fridges and coffee makers can usually be had on request... we didn't really need them though.) So a fine place to spend our next four nights, and there are always service perks when staying in a Disney hotel, but in some ways it was a step down from our week at La Quinta... which was less than a third the cost thanks to our deal!

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