Saturday, May 14, 2005

WDW Update - Saturday

G'day, and Welcome to Day.. uh, day... 6? I think!

All is very well, today (Saturday) we're taking another day off, this one much needed after a lot of running around! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 13th were all Epcot days, as we all enjoy that park the best down here. (Why three days? We're late sleepers and saw no need to change that because we're on vacation! So we tend to get to the park around 2pm most days, and take everything pretty slowly with lots of food/drink stops.)

We're collecting flag pins and books for C as part of his home-schooling, and that's made the World Showcase countries very enjoyable for him, though he got tired out on us yesterday evening. We've only spent a little time in Future World so far but will be back later in the coming week to remedy that. Last night I made a return trip (solo this time) to the Adventurer's Club on Pleasure Island, and though nothing is as much fun alone I had a great time there... Hoopla!!

This evening we're getting together with some old friends, Dave & Leslie, for dinner at Giordano's, a Chicago-style pizza restaurant we really like down here but haven't been to in several years. (Coincidentally enough our hotel is almost directly across the street from it!)

Then later tonight we've got to pack up, as tomorrow we change hotels and move into Disney's All-Star Movies resort for the rest of our stay. Sadly this does mean waking up somewhat earlier than we'd like tomorrow, but as we haven't been to the Animal Kingdom yet and that closes early, we'll combine getting up early for check-out with going to the AK (waking at the ungodly hour of 9am, heh-heh!).

Tuesday is C's 8th birthday, and we'll be dining at Chef Mickey's restaurant that day (chock full of charactery goodness and fun!). Gotta make a few arrangements for that still too....

Finally, some more photos to share today. Here's an obligatory character shot, C & I with the Goofster -

Here's C outside one of our favorite restaurants, and home to my favorite meal in all of Disney, Le Originali Fettuccine all'Alfredo... fettuccini Alfredo at Alfredo's Restaurante!

C & The Momma enjoying a peaceful break in the gardens of the Japan Showcase -

And lastly, The Momma & I enjoying some delicious Chinese Wine in the China Showcase (photographed by C)!

That's all for today... Kungaloosh!

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